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“Coffins & Cannoli”

SCREENPLAY – Comedy – Hammond, Indiana, 1970s. Smart-mouthed, sexy Carmen Bonaventura moves to the mid-west to open her own bakery. She falls in love with a small time goomba named Donny DeCrescenzo. Under Carmen’s tutelage, Donny becomes the King Pin of crime in Hammond. Eventually, Donny decides he doesn’t want a girlfriend who is ten times smarter than he is, plus Donny wants sons. When he discovers that Carmen can’t have children, he dumps Carmen and marries her dopey younger …

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“Sigmund Freud & The Fliess Affair”

… focuses on the early days of psychoanalysis, in particular, Freud’s deeply emotional and highly conflicted relationship with Wilhelm Fliess, a wealthy and charismatic nose surgeon who lived and worked in Berlin; a relationship that  eventually led to the butchering of one of Freud’s most vulnerable patients. The true story of ‘The Fliess Affair’ was suppressed by the Freud estate until 1982 when all of Freud’s letters to Fliess were finally published.  Unlike previous dramatizations of Freud’s life, (at least …

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“The Spider’s Dance”

SCREENPLAY – Thriller – Contemporary Manhattan. A wealthy nature photographer, Arthur Wagner, is found dead, handcuffed to a bed in his upscale Soho loft. He is surrounded by video cameras, and poisoned by spider venom. Eventually an incriminating DVD surfaces, which leads Detective James Racey to a performance artist named Sabrina, who bases her life and her work on the legend of the Black Widow. Sabrina admits to recording revealing sex tapes with Wagner, for use in her act, but …

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“The Queen of White Gull Bay”

SCREENPLAY – Historical Romance – 18th Century. Clothilde Rauchet, a convicted thief, bears an uncanny resemblance to Marie Antoinette. When the Queen realizes that a look alike might be useful, she grooms Clothilde as a double. Unfortunately, the Revolution ruins the Queen’s plans. During the Women’s Assault on Versailles, both the Queen and Clothilde are arrested; both are condemned to death by the Revolutionary Tribunal. But not everyone hates Marie Antoinette. Two Americans, posing as clergymen, devise a daring plan …

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“The Black Tulip” – A New Musical

SYNOPSIS The first tulips arrived in Holland, from the Orient, at the end of the 1500s. Almost overnight this stolid, puritanical country went mad for these exotic  flowers. Every square inch of available land was turned over to tulip propagation, vast sums were spent to purchase a single untested hybrid; before long a tulip exchange was established for speculation in tulip bulbs. We are guided through the story of “The Black Tulip” by a slightly sinister, aristocratic young man known …

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