“The Queen of White Gull Bay”

SCREENPLAY – Historical Romance – 18th Century.
Clothilde Rauchet, a convicted thief, bears an uncanny resemblance to Marie Antoinette. When the Queen realizes that a look alike might be useful, she grooms Clothilde as a double. Unfortunately, the Revolution ruins the Queen’s plans. During the Women’s Assault on Versailles, both the Queen and Clothilde are arrested; both are condemned to death by the Revolutionary Tribunal. But not everyone hates Marie Antoinette. Two Americans, posing as clergymen, devise a daring plan to rescue the Queen. During the bungled rescue attempt, Clothilde is mistaken for the Queen. With nothing to lose, and a new world to gain, Clothilde takes advantage of the mistake. She boards a frigate, and travels to an isolated island off the coast of Maine, where she passes herself off as Marie Antoinette. Complications ensue.

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