“The Spider’s Dance”

SCREENPLAY – Thriller – Contemporary Manhattan.
A wealthy nature photographer, Arthur Wagner, is found dead, handcuffed to a bed in his upscale Soho loft. He is surrounded by video cameras, and poisoned by spider venom. Eventually an incriminating DVD surfaces, which leads Detective James Racey to a performance artist named Sabrina, who bases her life and her work on the legend of the Black Widow. Sabrina admits to recording revealing sex tapes with Wagner, for use in her act, but swears she’s innocent of murder. During the investigation, Racey, who suffers from archnophobia, finds himself obsessively drawn to Sabrina, the prime suspect. Racey’s phobic nightmares and hallucinations escalate as he is drawn deeper and deeper into an erotic sub-culture rife with spiders. Eventually, he must face his own fears in order to unravel this tangled web of sex, madness, and death.

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