“Sigmund Freud & The Fliess Affair”

23 Jul

… focuses on the early days of psychoanalysis, in particular, Freud’s deeply emotional and highly conflicted relationship with Wilhelm Fliess, a wealthy and charismatic nose surgeon who lived and worked in Berlin; a relationship that  eventually led to the butchering of one of Freud’s most vulnerable patients.

The true story of ‘The Fliess Affair’ was suppressed by the Freud estate until 1982 when all of Freud’s letters to Fliess were finally published.  Unlike previous dramatizations of Freud’s life, (at least the ones I have encountered), my play is not a tribute to the avuncular, paterfamilias of psychoanalysis, but rather a highly critical examination of an insecure, wildly ambitious young man whose ideas, especially his distorted views regarding women, profoundly affected 20th Century thinking.


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